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Reference Number EP/I019278/1
Title Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings - SPECIFIC
Status Completed
Energy Categories Renewable Energy Sources(Solar Energy, Photovoltaics) 50%;
Renewable Energy Sources(Solar Energy, Solar heating and cooling (including daylighting)) 50%;
Research Types Basic and strategic applied research 100%
Science and Technology Fields PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (Physics) 25%;
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 25%;
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering) 25%;
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Architecture and the Built Environment) 25%;
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 75%;
Sociological economical and environmental impact of energy (Environmental dimensions) 25%;
Principal Investigator Dr DA Worsley
No email address given
Swansea University
Award Type Standard
Funding Source EPSRC
Start Date 01 April 2011
End Date 31 July 2016
Duration 64 months
Total Grant Value £5,012,105
Industrial Sectors Construction; Energy
Region Wales
Programme Energy : Energy
Investigators Principal Investigator Dr DA Worsley , Engineering, Swansea University (99.985%)
  Other Investigator Professor V Randle , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor TC Claypole , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Dr JH Sullivan , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor PR Williams , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Dr G Williams , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor MF Webster , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor DT Gethin , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor N McMurray , Engineering, Swansea University (0.001%)
Professor J Durrant , Chemistry, Imperial College London (0.001%)
Professor MG Davidson , Chemistry, University of Bath (0.001%)
Dr PJ Holliman , Chemistry, Bangor University (0.001%)
Dr SB Lyon , Materials, University of Manchester (0.001%)
Professor R (Bob ) Akid , Materials, University of Manchester (0.001%)
Professor PJ (Peter ) Hall , Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield (0.001%)
Professor S (Stuart ) Irvine , Centre for Solar Energy Research, Swansea University (0.001%)
  Industrial Collaborator Project Contact , Swansea University (0.000%)
Project Contact , PerkinElmer LAS (UK) Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Ove Arup & Partners Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Pilkington Group Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , National Grid plc (0.000%)
Project Contact , Corus Colours (0.000%)
Project Contact , Johnson Matthey Technology Centre (0.000%)
Project Contact , ETI (Energy Technologies Institute) (0.000%)
Project Contact , Akzo Nobel (0.000%)
Project Contact , BASF AG, Germany (0.000%)
Project Contact , Becker Industrial Coatings Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , CPI Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Asahi Photoproducts UK Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Innovia Films (0.000%)
Project Contact , Welsh Assembly Government (0.000%)
Project Contact , Vale S.A., Brazil (0.000%)
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Abstract In the UK there are more than four billion square metres of roofs and facades forming the building envelope. Most of this could potentially be used for harvesting solar energy and yet it covers less than 1.8 % of the UK land area. The shared vision for SPECIFIC is develop affordable large area solar collectors which can replace standard roofs and generate over one third of the UK's total target renewable energy by 2020 (10.8 GW peak and 19 TWh) reducing CO2 output by 6 million tonnes per year. This will be achieved with an annual production of 20 million m2 by 2020 equating to less than 0.5% of the available roof and wall area. SPECIFIC will realise this by quickly developing practical functional coated materials on metals and glass that can be manufactured by industry in large volumes to produce, store and release energy at point of use. These products will be suitable for fitting on both new and existing buildings which is important since 50% of the UKs current CO2 emissions come from the built environment.The key focus for SPECIFIC will be to accelerate the commercialisation of IP, knowledge and expertise held between the University partners (Swansea, ICL, Bath, Glyndwr, and Bangor) and UK based industry in three key areas of electricity generation from solar energy (photovoltaics), heat generation (solar thermal) and storage/controlled release. The combination of functionality will be achieved through applying functional coatings to metal and glass surfaces. Critical to this success is the active involvement in the Centre of the steel giant Corus/Tata and the glass manufacturer Pilkington. These two materials dominate the facings of the building stock and are surfaces which can be engineered. In addition major chemical companies (BASF and Akzo Nobel as two examples) and specialist suppliers to the emerging PV industry (e.g. Dyesol) are involved in the project giving it both academic depth and industrial relevance. To maximise open innovation colleagues from industry will be based SPECIFIC some permanently and some part time. SPECIFIC Technologists will also have secondments to partner University and Industry research and development facilities.SPECIFIC will combine three thriving research groups at Swansea with an equipment armoury of some 3.9m into one shared facility. SPECIFIC has also been supported with an equipment grant of 1.2 million from the Welsh Assembly Government. This will be used to build a dedicated modular roll to roll coating facility with a variety of coating and curing functions which can be used to scale up and trial successful technology at the pre-industrial scale. This facility will be run and operated by three experienced line technicians on secondment from industry. The modular coating line compliments equipment at Glyndwr for scaling up conducting oxide deposition, at CPi for barrier film development and at Pilkington for continuous application of materials to float glass giving the grouping unrivalled capability in functional coating.SPECIFIC is a unique business opportunity bridging a technology gap, delivering affordable novel macro-scale micro-generation, making a major contribution to UK renewable energy targets and creating a new export opportunity for off grid power in the developing world. It will ultimately generate thousands high technology jobs within a green manufacturing sector, creating a sustainable international centre of excellence in functional coatings where multi-sector applications are developed for next generation manufacturing
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