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Reference Number NIA_NGET0190
Title EPRI Research Collaboration on Cyber Security 2016 (P183)
Status Completed
Energy Categories Other Power and Storage Technologies(Electricity transmission and distribution) 100%;
Research Types Applied Research and Development 100%
Science and Technology Fields PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (Computer Science and Informatics) 50%;
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 50%;
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 100%
Principal Investigator Project Contact
No email address given
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Award Type Network Innovation Allowance
Funding Source Ofgem
Start Date 01 June 2016
End Date 01 April 2017
Duration 10 months
Total Grant Value £2,123,819
Industrial Sectors Power
Region London
Programme Network Innovation Allowance
Investigators Principal Investigator Project Contact , National Grid Electricity Transmission (100.000%)
Web Site http://www.smarternetworks.org/project/NIA_NGET0190
Objectives National Grid’s participation in the EPRI Cyber programme 183 is focused on efforts to improve the industry’s ability to defend against an ever changing cyber security threat landscape. This will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electricity transmission network. Objectives include: Track industry and government activities and provide technical contributions to key working groups; Develop a security management foundation for UK transmission and distribution systems; Improve the UK electricity sector’s ability to detect, respond, and recover from cyber incidents; Continue technical development of the Integrated Security Operations Centre (ISOC);Extend the security architecture for the Integrated Grid to include new domains; Develop security metrics for the UK electricity sector; and Address the technical challenges of cyber security compliance. The overall the EPRI Research Programme 183 comprises multiple deliverables with varying degrees of progress expected on each deliverable during 2016/2017. The project team will be positioned to leverage the knowledge gained within that time frame to further National Grid’s understanding and development of security requirements. This will include the generation and utilisation of information regarding new security technologies, in order to better protect the electricity transmission network and our customers.
Abstract Cyber security threats are of significant concern to key industries in GB, including the utility sector. There is significant attention being given to the issue in Government and in the press. Managing cyber security across an organisation like National Grid with a global reach is a challenging and complex process that must be managed alongside the rapid evolution of the cyber threat landscape, with attacks becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. Cyber and physical security is a critical priority for National Grid, the UK electricity sector, and the communities we serve. The sector is increasingly dependent on information technology and telecommunication infrastructure to ensure the reliability and security of the Electricity Transmission Network. Specifically for National Grid, measures to ensure cyber security must be designed and implemented to protect the Electricity Transmission Network in England and Wales from attacks by terrorists and hackers, to strengthen grid resilience against natural disasters and inadvertent threats such as equipment failures and user errors. The rapid pace of change in the electricity sector creates a challenging and changing environment for asset owners and operators to monitor the cyber security activities, develop an understanding of how new technologies affect security, and maintain the right knowledge and skills in place to assess those technologies. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) employs a team of experts with comprehensive backgrounds in cyber security within the electricity sector. Their team of experts address these challenges by providing insight and analysis of various security tools, architectures, guidelines, and results of testing to programme participants and organisations. This research programme would help National Grid with our efforts to focus on developing security requirements, creating and utilizing new security technologies, and performing laboratory assessments of existing, relevant technologies to help enhance the current cyber security posture and increase the security of systems that are deployed in the future to better protect our customers and the communities we serve.Note : Project Documents may be available via the ENA Smarter Networks Portal using the Website link above
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