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Reference Number NIA_CAD0065
Title I-0337 HyNet Operation and Control
Status Completed
Energy Categories Hydrogen and Fuel Cells(Hydrogen, Hydrogen transport and distribution) 100%;
Research Types Applied Research and Development 100%
Science and Technology Fields ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering) 100%
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 100%
Principal Investigator Project Contact
No email address given
Cadent Gas
Award Type Network Innovation Allowance
Funding Source Ofgem
Start Date 01 December 2020
End Date 01 March 2021
Duration ENA months
Total Grant Value £49,323
Industrial Sectors Energy
Region London
Programme Network Innovation Allowance
Investigators Principal Investigator Project Contact , Cadent Gas (100.000%)
  Industrial Collaborator Project Contact , Cadent Gas (0.000%)
Web Site https://smarter.energynetworks.org/projects/NIA_CAD0065
Objectives The methodology is to call on an experienced subcontractor to develop the Operating and Control Philosophy.Work package 1 – Operating and Control Philosophy. Defining the operating and control philosophy to provide a preliminary understanding of those requirements. The Process Flow Diagrams currently being developed will be revised based on the resulting philosophy and provide a more advanced basis for the FEED work to commence. The philosophy will be developed in consultation with the Cadent Network Design, Control Centre and HyNet project teams.Work Package 2 – Coarse HAZOPs. The HAZOP will look specifically at interfaces of the hydrogen production plant (HPP) and the Hydrogen Storage Plant (HSP). The purpose will be to identify any hazards or design flaws at this early stage in the development of the design. The Coarse HAZOPs will be developed in consultation with Cadent Engineering team and the HyNet Project team. The scope of this work is the preparation of an Operating and Control Philosophy document for the HyNet Pipeline Network and a Coarse HAZOP looking at the pipeline interface with the HPP and HSP. This document will supplement the work currently being undertaken in relation to this project (developing a FEED Basis of Design and FEED Scope of Work) and will form part of the ITT package for the FEED when it goes out to the market.Subcontractor will attend (and chair, as appropriate) consultation meetings with Cadent Network Design, Control Centre and HyNet project teams. It is anticipated that this will be a series of meetings as clarity of the issues and understanding of stakeholder requirements develop.The operating and control philosophy will include:- Major control loops and valves required for the stable and safe operation of the pipeline network- Operating philosophies, including (i) normal operation whilst filling H2 storage (ii) normal operation while providing H2 from storage (iii) shut-down philosophy (iv) start-up philosophy (v) ramp-up / slow-down- A high-level description of the interaction between the hydrogen production plant, storage plant, network and usersEnhanced PFDs, being developed for the Coarse HAZOP, will be revised to reflect the operating & control philosophy requirements. The PFD detail will be commensurate with the maturity of the design at this stage. The primary objectives of developing the operating and control philosophy are to (i) provide a firmer basis for the FEED and (ii) improve understanding of system design and operating considerations and interfaces.
Abstract As part of the HyNet project the blue hydrogen will be distributed to predominately heavy industry using a purpose-built hydrogen pipeline. This hydrogen pipeline will connect blue hydrogen production with underground salt cavern storage and will also connect to heavy industry, power generation sites and transport hubs. The hydrogen pipeline will be the central component to enable widespread decarbonisation across a number of sectors in the North West of England and will provide the infrastructure to allow further carbon savings to happen in the near future.
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