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Reference Number NIA_NGGD0082
Title Blown Air Extrusion (BAE) - Proof of Concept 3
Status Completed
Energy Categories Fossil Fuels: Oil Gas and Coal(Oil and Gas, Refining, transport and storage of oil and gas) 100%;
Research Types Applied Research and Development 100%
Science and Technology Fields ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering) 100%
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 100%
Principal Investigator Project Contact
No email address given
Cadent Gas
Award Type Network Innovation Allowance
Funding Source Ofgem
Start Date 01 September 2016
End Date 01 November 2017
Duration 14 months
Total Grant Value £417,978
Industrial Sectors Technical Consultancy
Region London
Programme Network Innovation Allowance
Investigators Principal Investigator Project Contact , Cadent Gas (100.000%)
Web Site http://www.smarternetworks.org/project/NIA_NGGD0082
Objectives To demonstrate the ability to perform various connection scenarios, to include; BAE to PRISM, BAE to existing PE system and the suitability of transition fittings. To demonstrate, and document repair and emergency isolation procedures and prove the suitability of the system. To undertake pressure drop measurements across simulated transferred service prior to and following BAE application. To collate preliminary safety documentation to ensure that all required data is available to take the project forward into live trials. Satisfactory evidence to support the service replacement to main connection technique and results that enable us to continue to the next steps towards a commercial solution. Technical report that demonstratesService Only Solution - The project must demonstrate an acceptable gas-tight solution to include: Mechanical connection to the ECVMechanical connection at the footpathService pipe itselfService to Main Solution - The project must demonstrate an acceptable gas-tight solution to include: Mechanical connection to the ECVService pipe itselfChemically bonded BAE connection to the PRISM main
Abstract Current methods of replacing gas distribution services are costly and disruptive to customers and road users. This BAE initiative seeks to determine a method of achieving the outputs of service replacement to mains connection with increased customer satisfaction and whilst being quicker and cheaper than current methods. The renewal of services and a no-dig connection to the main within a street could be possible and this would result in reduced cost and effort, improved safety, environmental benefits through reduced waste to landfill and reduced customer and third party disruption, leading to improved customer satisfaction This project will build on recent work outside of the NIA and has brought together suitable project partners to deliver a proof of concept method of applying a resin to inside of service pipes suitable for a fully structural solution and connect with the mains resin (PRISM) with potential to satisfy gas industry requirement. This project is to review those achievements and identify a strategic and practical approach to delivering a working solution. This phase of work is to further the development of the BAE (Blown Air Extrusion)technique, by identifying, developing and testing various technologies to solve specific technical challenges that gas services presentNote : Project Documents may be available via the ENA Smarter Networks Portal using the Website link above
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