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Biomass to Power with CCS - model requirements, specification, strategy and user documentation : T6, T7, and T8

Citation The TESBiC consortium Biomass to Power with CCS - model requirements, specification, strategy and user documentation : T6, T7, and T8, ETI, 2012. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000017.
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Author(s) The TESBiC consortium
Project partner(s) CMCL Innovations, The University of Cambridge, Doosan, Drax, EDF, E4Tech, Imperial College London, The University of Leeds
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000017
Download BIO_BI2001_20.pdf
Associated Project(s) ETI-BI2001: Techno-Economic Study of Biomass to Power with CCS (TESBIC)
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
Abstract The Techno-economic Study of Biomass to Power with CCS (TESBIC) project, which has been commissioned by ETI, is concerned with the performance of an overview techno-economic assessment of the current and potential future approaches to the combination of technologies which involve the generation of electricity from biomass materials, and those which involve carbon dioxide capture.

The present document forms the deliverable within work package WP3, it covers the work on :
  • D3.3: Parameterised sub-system models
  • D3.4: Model requirements and specifications and modelling strategy
  • D3.5: Model and sub-model user documentation
Following the first variation of Contract/Agreement with ETI, the aforementioned deliverables have been applied to the final three (T6,T7,T8) out of eight technology combinations.
  • T6 denotes dedicated biomass oxy-firing combustion
  • T7 Biomass combustion, with CO2 capture by post-combustion carbonate looping
  • T8 Dedicated biomass chemical-looping-combustion using a solid oxygen carrier
The overall model structure finalised for WP3 employs the “base+delta” modelling framework (see D3.1 and D3.2). This fits the requirements for the capture of information and transfer to ETI and compatibility with the Biomass Value Chain Modelling (BVCM) and ETI’s Energy System Modelling (ESME) projects. The models were developed based on the techno-economic sensitivity data obtained from WP2 and additional available data. The “base+delta” model is readily implementable in MS-ExcelTM.

This document also provides user documentation of the models and its sub-models developed as part of WP3. This document is intended to enable any potential user to use and understand the models and their application. Data standard validation, parameter estimation and improvement of model robustness were carried out using the Model Development Suite (MoDS). Overall, the models offer evaluation of key techno-economic variables such as CAPEX, OPEX, efficiencies, and emissions as a function of inputs such as co-firing, capacity factor, nameplate capacity and extent of carbon capture